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Slightly disfunctional but fun at parties.

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2/1/07 07:10 pm - lovebloodmusic - 'Ello!

Hey kidz! What's goin on? Well, I just joined this thing n was gonna post some general info. (I believe that's how it goes...)

My name's Jessica. I'm 15 and a sophomore at a little nowhere school in the middle of nowhere Louisiana. I love Avenged Sevenfold and vampires. I like to read, play on the computer, hang with friends, talk on the phone, and do random shit.

...Yea. That's me for the most part. Well, later ya'll!


8/21/05 08:30 am - killsthecrack

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7/15/05 05:16 pm - x__toxin__x

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We need more members!!!

6/30/05 07:09 pm - gingerx_xsnaps

Hello! I am new-ish here and very glad I found this community. I thought for my first post I should do something rather uber gorey, such as Ichi the Killer screenshots. If they've already been posted then I'm sorry, but I'm a lazy ass and I don't feel like going to check today. For anyone who doesn't know, Ichi the Killer is a gorey Yakuza movie directed by the god Takashi Miike. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it, it is simply amazing. The basic plot is about a gang leader (Anjo) going missing, and Masa Kakihara trying to find him. Thats the whole plot. So simple yet so confusing. I'm only putting up a few, but I have the whole movie capped. If anyone wants it I have it bundled in a nice little folder and I can send it through AIM.

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5/10/05 06:23 pm - fabulousdeath - famousdeath

i've started a new community:

every few days you should be updated on a fabulous celebrity death... on the anniversary of its occurance... and supplied with a few links and photos for your voyeuristic pleasures.

x-posted here and there.

4/16/05 09:54 pm - sheslivingdead - mmm. fuck yes.

Zombie Army - Official Fansite for Land of the Dead

3/20/05 11:25 pm - xdismantleme

Has anyone seen Ichi the Killer?

It's got the best gore I've ever seen :)

3/16/05 01:45 pm - hippotoes - Newbie!

Wow a place I can actually share some tid bits from one of my favorite sites called rotten.com

Hello all!

2/10/05 12:51 am - b_ken - hey heres some historic horror

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hey im new my name is Kendall my nick name is Plu. I was surfing through interest's for like 2hr when i stumbled upon your place. I find your idea quite interesting i like it very much. Plus im a big fan of horror movies (not just movies but pics too) be it old B&W ones which i tend to like best, or the new ones where they just go crazy with the CGing. Which in the end turns out to be more humorous than scary. The pic i posted which will hopefully come up is of Jack the Ripper's last victim Mary Kelly. Hey nothing beats historic horror right? I would love to scan any crime scene photos be it from my numerous crime books or from my dad he's a cop so i get to see all sorts of things lol. Well I really do hope that your community grows


p.s. im kind of new to the whole cut&paste thing so if im direct linking please let me know and if so please teach me how not too thanks

1/14/05 12:31 pm - drpika

testing entry.
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