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Hello! I am new-ish here and very glad I found this community. I thought for my first post I should do something rather uber gorey, such as Ichi the Killer screenshots. If they've already been posted then I'm sorry, but I'm a lazy ass and I don't feel like going to check today. For anyone who doesn't know, Ichi the Killer is a gorey Yakuza movie directed by the god Takashi Miike. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it, it is simply amazing. The basic plot is about a gang leader (Anjo) going missing, and Masa Kakihara trying to find him. Thats the whole plot. So simple yet so confusing. I'm only putting up a few, but I have the whole movie capped. If anyone wants it I have it bundled in a nice little folder and I can send it through AIM.

Sorry about the messed up order, I'm being lazy today. ^ ^;; And all these are from the beginning of the movie, theres ALOT more.
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