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hey heres some historic horror*-http%3A//

hey im new my name is Kendall my nick name is Plu. I was surfing through interest's for like 2hr when i stumbled upon your place. I find your idea quite interesting i like it very much. Plus im a big fan of horror movies (not just movies but pics too) be it old B&W ones which i tend to like best, or the new ones where they just go crazy with the CGing. Which in the end turns out to be more humorous than scary. The pic i posted which will hopefully come up is of Jack the Ripper's last victim Mary Kelly. Hey nothing beats historic horror right? I would love to scan any crime scene photos be it from my numerous crime books or from my dad he's a cop so i get to see all sorts of things lol. Well I really do hope that your community grows


p.s. im kind of new to the whole cut&paste thing so if im direct linking please let me know and if so please teach me how not too thanks
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