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blood_and_gore's Journal

Slightly disfunctional but fun at parties.
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Welcome to blood_and_gore, a slightly disfunctional community all about... well, blood and gore! Post pictures from your favorite slasher movie, post crime scene photos, post your own death pictures, post whatever YOU think is relevant. (But please, use some common sense.) As long as it's about blood and gore it's on topic! Also, feel free to promote this community whenever you get the chance. Communities need members to grow!


When posting movie spoilers, post them behind a cut tag!
When posting more than one picture or any picture over 400 x 400 pixels, post them under a cut tag as well.
Nudity is allowed but all nudity belongs under a cut tag with a warning. And if you're under 18 posting nudie pictures of yourself you'll be banned. I don't want that kind of crap coming back to get me.
As far as quizzes go, if someone posts a quiz and you want to take that quiz as well all results are to go in a comment on that original post. If quiz posting gets out of hand as I've seen it done in many communities I'll ban it.
Be kind people, don't direct link someone else's pictures unless they tell you that you can. Bandwidth is expensive, stealing bandwidth is stealing money.

How to do a cut tag: